Hikkaduwa, almost 100 kilometres south of Colombo, has long been known as Sri Lanka’s most popular beach resort, famed for its surf and coral reef as well as its wide range of accommodation, food, fun and shopping. This is perhaps the only coastal region where that special holiday feeling dominates town, with shops selling resort wear, renting out bicycles, offering courses in scuba diving and selling all kinds of local souvenirs, batik fabric and jewellery. Today it’s a favourite with the younger visitor and the vibrant nightlife also attracts young Sri Lankans looking for out-of-town fun and entertainment on the weekends.
Beach restaurants and bars, shops and nightclubs are providing the background for a carefree stay.
The surfing in the Hikkaduwa region is quite well known and gets the best surf during its dry season, November to March. There are 4 main breaks. From North to South these are: Locals Break (in front of the A Frame surf shop), Main Peak (in front of Ranjith’s Beach Hut), Hansa Surf Break (just south of Hansa Surf) and Beach Break (south of the Hansa Surf Break).

Even off the beaches Hikkaduwa has a lot to offer: picturesque temples, a scenic fresh-water lake where you still can see outrigger fishermen, tranquilled village life just a few meters down the road and much, much more….

Accommodation offers in Hikkaduwa range from small guesthouses and hotels to international hotel chains, providing for every taste and budget.