Pasikuda & Kalkuda Kalkuda and Pasikuda are two pristine, untouched beaches in the East coast of Sri Lanka. Their white sands, calm waters and sheer beauty remain unrivalled. Close to the town of Batticloa, both the beaches are expected to become international hotspots, as more people discover the charming beauty of this paradisiacal beach.

With the dawning of peace in Sri Lanka, Pasikuda – famous for its breath-taking beaches – is in the process of developing as a prime tourist destination. The long and wide sunny beach with golden sand, lapped by the turquoise blue sea is the main attraction that lures visitors to this region. Situated on the east coast of Sri Lanka, 300 Kms from Colombo, Pasikuda is getting a face lift with access roads, electricity and water supply schemes being renovated at a rapid pace. The government has allocated 156 acres of land to the Pasikuda tourism zone, with 14 hotels already been approved for construction. The total investment of the hoteliers amount to Rs 5703 million. The first hotel, the 40-room ‘Maalu Maalu Holiday Resort’ opened its doors to the public in April this year. Once all the hotels are completed, 930 rooms would be available for occupation.

In addition to the hotels, a shopping mall, an art gallery, an aquarium, an open air theatre, cycle path and a golf course are also expected to be constructed within the tourism zone. Alongside these facilities, a large car park, bus park and helipad will also be added. Pasikuda is easily accessible from Trincomalee and Batticaloa and is known to have one of the longest stretches of shallow coastline in the world. Because the water is only a few inches deep and the current weak, people can walk many kilometers into the sea without any fear.