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Welcome to Chamo Tours Travel Agency, which has been ranked among the top 20 tourist attractions in Ambalangoda for 14 years. Our story began 14 years ago; from humble beginnings to becoming a renowned destination, we have been committed to providing excellent travel and impeccable, reliable service. Join us, the best travel agency in Ambalangoda. Book your tour today.

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To revolutionize the travel experience. We aspire to redefine exploration paradigms, unravel the extraordinary within the mundane, and foster a global community united by an unwavering passion for genuine adventure.


To create travel experiences that go beyond the surface. Through engaging stories, beautiful visuals, and well-planned itineraries, we aim to inspire and guide you to explore the world in a new way. Our goal is to help you create memories that last a lifetime.



Chamo Tours is our steadfast commitment to authenticity, innovation, and erudition. Our ensemble of erudite travelers, local cognoscenti, and visionary creators collaboratively aspires to present a travel platform that transcends conventional boundaries. It is more than a mere compendium – it is a portal that opens vistas to a world waiting to be discovered anew. Through avant-garde technology, we present you with resplendent visual opulence and intuitive navigation, ensuring an experience that’s seamless and eternally resonant.

Journey with us to embrace the rapture of exploration, the euphoria of revelation, and the profound connections fostered through shared sojourns. In unity, we shall traverse uncharted territories, embracing novel horizons and weaving a tapestry of reminiscences that pay homage to the exquisite tapestry of our diverse world.