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Elephant Antics in Pinnawala

Embark on an unforgettable journey with our “Elephant Antics” tour package, centered around the charming village of Pinnawala in Sri Lanka. The centerpiece of this journey is a visit to the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, a sanctuary for abandoned and orphaned elephants. Spend yourself in the caring environment of elephant conservation, spotting these majestic creatures, getting veterinary care, and growing in secure surroundings.The tour includes amazing experiences such as viewing elephant feeding times, watching the herd’s joyful mud bathing habits, experiencing cute elephant calves at play, and witnessing the monkeys and birds sighting from the natural surroundings.

As part of the “Elephant Antics” tour, visit the Pinnawala Open Zoo, where animals live in vast enclosures that are designed to recreate their natural environments. The zoo has a variety of Sri Lankan natural species, such as deer, crocodiles, leopards, bears, and swans. Remember to stop at the Spice Garden when exploring Pinnawala, where you may experience the enticing scents and lively colors of Sri Lankan spices. The journey through Pinnawala enables you to observe the symbiotic relationship between humans and elephants, which fosters a strong connection with Sri Lanka’s wildlife.

Join us on the “Elephant Antics” tour, where every minute delivers the pure excitement of meeting these gentle giants. Book your Pinnawala tour with Chamo Tours today and watch the charm of Pinnawala unfold before your eyes.

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