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Lagoon Safari Adventures in Negombo

Prepare for an exciting tour in Negombo, where the journey will begin with a stunning Negombo Lagoon Safari. This seaside paradise draws many attractions, guaranteeing an amazing experience for nature and history lovers.
Set a ride on the peaceful waters of Negombo Lagoon, where the beauty of the surroundings takes center stage. A lagoon safari in Negombo reveals a world of pleasures, displaying the harmonious mix of many ecosystems. The Negombo Dutch Canals create a historical tapestry that provides a relaxing backdrop to your canal adventure.

Navigate to the Muthurajawela Marsh which reveals its secrets. This bright wetland, decorated with lush plants, serves as a sanctuary for a diverse range of flowers and wildlife. As you go deeper into the heart of this beautiful marsh, you will be serenaded by a natural symphony.
The Negombo Dutch Fort, which stands as stony evidence of the region’s colonial past, should be included on your travel list. Explore the fort’s grounds, taking in the architectural beauty and enjoying the panoramic views of the lagoon. The combination of history and natural beauty creates an unforgettable surroundings.

The Negombo lagoon becomes a playground for discovery, and each minute of the Sri Lanka lagoon safari is a brushstroke on a serene canvas. Enjoy the charm of Negombo, a location where the past and present blend effortlessly, enticing you to uncover the hidden jewels that lurk around every corner

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