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Welcome to Pasikuda

Enjoy the seaside delights of Pasikuda, a hidden treasure on Sri Lanka’s east coast. Pasikuda Beach, known for its calming waters and gentle waves, is one of the safest beaches and provides a variety of water-based activities, making it the perfect playground for water sports lovers. Dive into the crystal-clear water for an incredible dive and snorkeling adventure, where rich marine life explodes beneath the surface. Enjoy water activities such as windsurfing, water skiing, and kite surfing, taking benefit of the calm waves that define Pasikuda. The offshore reef enriches the underwater experience and encourages exploration.

Along with the stunning shoreline, visit Batticaloa Lagoon, a peaceful lagoon excellent for relaxing. Pasikuda Bay and Batticaloa Dutch Fort are two greater landmarks that provide views into the region’s history and cultural heritage.
Pasikuda’s combination of water activities and cultural advances ranks it among the best tourist destinations in Sri Lanka. Pasikuda’s sun-kissed coastline and several attractions attract visitors looking for exciting water activities or a relaxing getaway.
Chamo Tours presents Pasikuda tours, with each wave and cultural landmark telling a tale about this coastal beauty. Book your journey now and immerse yourself in Pasikuda’s rich tapestry.

  • Pasikuda Beach
  • Kalkuda Beach
  • Crystal-Clear Water
  • Offshore Reef
  • Kayaking and Wind Surfing
  • Snorkelling

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