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River Safari Balapitiya

A mesmerizing Madu River Safari takes you across the calming waters of the Madu River in Balapitiya, Sri Lanka. Explore the natural wonders that set this natural setting special as you move up the calming river. The Madu River, also known as Madu Ganga, is a network of canals surrounded by dense mangrove forests and 64 islands such as Satha Paha Doova and Cinnamon Island, each with its own unique charm and ecological significance. Among them is Kothduwa Rajamaha Viharaya, a serene Buddhist temple nestled on one of the islands, adding a cultural touch to the safari. Allow the gentle rhythm of the boat’s trip to transport you to the splendor of the Madu River.

Experience the pampering Madu River Fish Therapy, where the silky feel of fish enriches the ride. This biodiverse shelter brings both culture and nature together in perfect harmony, delivering an extraordinary journey into Sri Lanka’s heart. Chamo Tours invites you on a Madu River Safari to discover the secrets of Madu Ganga Balapitiya. Book your journey and let the peace of the Madu River and the charm of its islands create unforgettable memories of Sri Lanka’s natural beauty

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