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Welcome to Kitulgala

Our Kithulgala Water Rafting tour offers an amazing journey against the stunning surroundings of Sri Lanka’s Kelani River. Kithulgala, known as the island’s excitement hotspot, provides a thrilling white-water rafting adventure that will have your heart racing.The white water rafting visit at Kithulgala begins as you traverse the Kelani River’s rapids, giving an exciting ride through gorgeous settings. The raging waters of the river, mixed with the rich nature, provide an outstanding experience for water sports fans.Kithulgala is more than simply a whitewater rafting adventure; it is also a nature lover’s heaven. Engage in bird watching while paddling along the river, immersing yourself in the rich wildlife that thrives along the banks.

Kithulgala is renowned as one of the best places to visit in Sri Lanka for water-related activities, providing an excellent balance of adventure and natural beauty. The rhythmic flow of the Kelani River, the rush of the waves, and the variety of bird life make Kithulgala Water Rafting a must-do activity for people looking for adventure and capture of nature.Join Chamo Tours on the Kithulgala Water Rafting adventure, where the excitement of white water meets nature’s calm. Book your adventure and let the Kelani River’s flows lead you on an incredible journey into Sri Lanka’s soul.

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