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Welcome To Tangalle

Chamo Tours offers a tour package to experience adventure in the attractions of Tangalle, a beautiful town by the sea in Sri Lanka with many cool spots. Check out the Hummanaya blowhole, where water shoots up. Hirikatiya Beach is awesome for surfers and beach lovers. Don’t miss out on a go-to visit to the Tangalle Lighthouse and take photographs at the pinnacle for top-notch perspectives. Nature fans will enjoy the Rekawa Turtle Conservation Project on Rekawa Beach, where you can see turtles nesting and hatching. Wewurukannala temple, with its large sitting Buddha and beautiful temple paintings, is also a must-see. Talalla Beach is another great place to sunbathe, swim, and relax by the sea. Ussangoda National Park is a unique area with red soil and fascinating rocks and is a perfect place to watch birds and enjoy views. Tangalle is a captivating city that stands out as a must-visit destination in Sri Lanka. Chamo Tours provides a fantastic opportunity to explore the best sights in Tangalle, ensuring a memorable and enriching experience for all visitors.

  • Safe sea in the Tangalle
  • Hummanaya
  • Beautiful Beach
  • Watch Turtles
  • The Coral Reef
  • Swimming

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