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Statue of King Parakum

Embark on an adventure journey to Polonnaruwa, a special historical place in Sri Lanka with a long, sacred history. One of its important heritage is the King Parakum Statue, a special symbol of the city’s past. It shows how powerful and important King Parakramabahu I was. This kingly statue stands proudly in the heart of the city, reminding us of the bright and wise time when the city was the important center for politics and culture in Sri Lanka. Close to this special statue, there’s a big, peaceful place called Parakrama Samudraya. It’s a huge water reservoir, kind of like a natural mirror that reflects the greatness of King Parakum’s legacy. This old water tank was not just for practical use; it also showed how smart King Parakramabahu was in managing water. When you visit, you’ll see how nature’s beauty and human cleverness work together, making the area around the King Parakum Statue even more special.

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